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How to Make Money by Selling Art Online?

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Does ‘artist’ strike this chord in you? Most probably an emaciated guy with flowing locks and a straggly beard with a few body piercings perhaps or an impoverished woman in outlandish flowing dresses which has stains of clay or paint, and who seems to spend a lot of time in la-la land ? If you have said yes to either or both of the above, you are seriously mistaken.

That was then. Enter the new artist, of the new millennium. Not only are they creative, they are also smart, savvy and, believe it or not, laughing all the way to the bank. I kid you not. They are young and hip, and they believe in graduating from art schools. So if you are an artist or an aspiring one, the age old misconceptions should not daunt you in any way. Here is how you can be successful in this profession.
  • First off, be sure that you can turn out pieces of art that appeal to people, without hampering your creativity. Otherwise, the whole purpose will be defeated; maybe you should work on your art on your spare time initially, while you remain employed elsewhere. Sound out friends and family for first impressions.
  • Get an art degree if you can; it helps. Your creativity will not be squished; rather it will be channeled properly.
  • Check out art communities online, and believe me there are quite a few. You can meet fellow artists and discuss techniques, innovations (especially if you are into photography), get opinion on your work and give your opinion on other works of art. Think of it as Facebook for Artists exclusively. You can even put price tags on your work and make a tidy profit. You can make use of this opportunity even for your animations and other digital artwork.
  • If you are a writer, you can publish your books and articles yourself through POD markets like Zazzle and RedBubble. Some of them may offer to take care of everything apart from the content and promotion and selling; for a fee of course.
  • Photographers have one of the best opportunities. People are always searching for good images and quality pictures for use in official documents, reports and the like. Take advantage of licensing rules and pick between selling it exclusively or to several websites dedicated to stock photos.
  • You can make your own website or start a blog highlighting your art and providing sneak peeks.
  • Making your own site may be a hassle. But hey, there are plenty of sites that allow you to sell arty stuff you have made yourself. In fact there are some sites that are solely meant for handcrafted goods like paper, candles, throws, and any other appealing items your talented hands can conjure up. Usually you are allowed to set up free accounts but you might have to reach into your pockets to list your items
  • Leverage sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace to promote yourself and your art. Communicate with potential buyers and art enthusiasts; maintain a good rapport with your target market is always a good idea.
There are some minor things you need to do like set up a secure payment mode so your patrons feel safe purchasing from you online.

But remember that success may not come to you overnight. You need to believe in yourself and your art, and persevere. If you do it right, success will surely knock on your door.

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