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An Interview with Accenture based on Microsoft SharePoint

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Joined: 22 Feb 2011

Interview SessionI have been working on SharePoint 2007 since last one and half year. I would like to share my interview excerpts with Accenture which was based on Microsoft SharePoint.

Q. What is SharePoint?

A. SharePoint is a software product developed by Microsoft for developing Portals, Collaboration Sites, Publishing sites, content management sites, etc.

Q. Which Site Template you have used for your Project?

A. We have used Publishing Site Template.

Q. Why Publishing, why not Collaboration Site?

A. Publishing because there is usually a small group of people communicating to a much larger group of people. When we’re Collaborating, we share information with others in our group, and those people have an equal opportunity to share information as well.


Figure: Collaboration                                                       Figure: Publishing

Source: MSDN

Q. How you create a custom Site Definition?

A. We copy the STS folder under Template Folder in 12 and rename it to our Custom Site name. To register our custom site definition we create a WebTemp<Site-Name>.xml file under /12/Templates/1033/XML Folder. And thereafter make necessary changes in your ONET.xml file under the Custom Site Name Folder.

PS: This is an overview. You will have to dive into individual files to explore the details.

Q. How you create Custom list definitions?

A. in VS 2005, if you have WSS extensions installed. When you create a new project, in the left navigation you should click SharePoint, you will get the option to create a list definition, as you will select it. A drop down populated with category of List definition you are willing to create will be shown. I select Custom List and then I open the Schema.xml file and include the columns under <FieldRefs> tag and set the guid and other flags for that column. All the details for the field will go under the <fields> tag. And thereafter we can deploy it by right clicking on the project and click deploy.

Q. Which is the file we use in BDC to map with the Data Source?

A. Application Definition File (ADF). Please go through the structure of ADF.

Q. Explain few frequently used classes under WSS Object Model?

A. I explained little about each of these classes and there main purpose. SPWebApplication, SPSite, SPWeb, SPList etc.

Q. What is CAML Query, explain few tags used under it?

A. CAML queries are used to query the SharePoint lists and fetch List items based on the query.

Q. How you will create custom error pages?

A. we can create a class library and inherit the IHTTPMODULE interface and override the methods meant for displaying Access denied and Errors. Thereafter we can put the dll in the GAC and register our call our dll in <HTTPModules> section in web.config file under our application virtual directory.

Q. Which all event receivers are available in MOSS 2007?

A. There are four namely SPWebEventReceiver , SPListEventReceiver , SPItemEventReceiver, SPEmailEventReceiver .

Q. What is the difference between Synchronous and Asynchronous Event?

A.synchronous event handler are called before the event is completed while Asynchronous will be called after the event is completed.Events name ending with –ing like itemadding,itemupdating are synchronous while events ending with –ed like itemadded, itemupdated are Asynchronous.

Q. What is Feature? Explain the Structure of Feature Folder.

Q. How we can fetch Search results programmatically?

A. We can use methods Query () and QueryEx() under  Web Service present at “http ://< Site>/_vti_bin/Search.asmx” or search object model. Under search object model we have KeywordQuery class underAssembly:Microsoft.Office.Server.Search and Namespace: Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Query which will fetch you results based on keyword search and under same assembly and namespace we have fulltextsearchquery class which will fetch you results based on some specific managed property.

PS: There were few other questions based on content types, site columns etc. I hope it helps you.

Ranjan Pandey

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Congrats! Ranjan

Thanks for sharing your interview session with us.

All the best for your bright future in Accenture.

I think you should share your experience about Infosys also. You were almost 2 yrs there. So how was the environment, hows it for freshers and for what purpose it is famous like this. You views on Infosys. what say?

When you are going to join Accenture Dude yes

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Joined: 22 Feb 2011
profile offered...

Thanks Jassi.. I have been offered the position of a Software Engineer.i will be joining on 28th March at Bangalore.I will share my Infosys experience also very soon.

Joined: 24 Feb 2011
share your experience with CSC

Sanjeev, you not !  
you share your experience with CSC ..u're almost 1.5 years now:)

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Joined: 21 Feb 2011
Sure Vivek, I would share soon

This forum is for those persons who have cracked any interview recently or can give overview of their pas company only after leaving that company.

because its against company policy to write anything about the present company (where you are working now) publicly. 

So you need to wait till that time cheeky

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Ajinkya Avinash Aher (not verified)
To Ranjan

Dear sir,
Some days back one of the technical and one marketing guy came to Niit regional office for recruiting students who are interested in working on sharepoint.

Most of the GNIIT Students are from commerce background. Is it possible that they hire such student who are from commerce background and completed cource like GNIIT?

Is the working on sharepoint come under software engineering?

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Joined: 22 Feb 2011
To Ajinkya


     It is a part of software engineering,Sharepoint is based on .Net Framework and to code in sharepoint you must have knowledge of .Net,But it also depends on what the recruiters are looking for,if they want just configuration work in SP then a normal person can work on that and can get things moving.It completely depends on their requirement.Microsoft has provided huge features in Sharepoint which can be used properly to serve the business purpose with no need of extra coding.But if they want custom development then you need .net now the ball is in your court,you have to decide based on what excatly they are looking for.



Ranjan Pandey

Ankita Das (not verified)
i am going for an interview with accenture tommorow
i am going for an interview with accenture tommorow. please do share your recent interview experience on sharepoint administration. it would help me a lot.
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Joined: 22 Feb 2011
Hi Ankita
it is difficult to tell what exactly the interviewer will ask but as a revision tool you can go throught this link & make sure you know all these concepts.

make sure you are very much comfortable with powershell command, stsadm,back up/restore, deployment methods, central administration features.

let me know if you need any further help.

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